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Developing the FY 2024 – 2028 Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

Construction workers install a new bascule on the gloucester drawbridge. A bascule is the movable section of bridge that is raised and lowered.

As we develop the CIP each year, we assess the implementation of all currently funded capital projects. Throughout the fiscal year (from July 1 – June 30), all departments work to plan, design, or construct their projects. We use updated information about project progress as well as the amount of funding available for capital projects over the next five years as the basis of the next CIP cycle.

Proposed FY 24 – 28 CIP

The proposed FY 24 – 28 CIP is now available for public review. We want to hear from you! Please take time to review the document and see below for ways to comment and public meetings to attend.

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Ways to Comment on the Proposed FY 24 – 28 CIP

  1. Fill out our online comment form
  2. Attend a public meeting
  3. Send us an email at
  4. Mail us a letter at:
    • MBTA Capital Investment Plan
    • c/o MBTA General Manager
    • 10 Park Plaza, Suite 3830
    • Boston, MA 02116

Upcoming Public Meetings

The MBTA will host two virtual public meetings and one in-person public meeting to provide an overview of the proposed FY 24 – 28 CIP and invite attendees to share their feedback.

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CIP Timeline

WhatProposed CIP is published on this page WhenMarch 2023
WhatPublic comment periodWhenMarch 23 – April 24, 2023
WhatFinal CIP is submitted for MBTA board approval and published on the CIP pageWhenMay 2023
WhatFinal CIP goes into effectWhenJuly 1, 2023

The proposed five-year CIP is generally published in late March, followed by a 30-day public comment period. During this time, the MBTA holds public meetings to provide an overview of the proposed CIP and listen to comments from members of the public. Public comments are also collected via email, letters, and an online form. All public comments are recorded and reviewed by MBTA staff, and this input is important to the CIP development process.
After the public comment period closes, we make updates to the proposed CIP as needed and submit the final plan to the MBTA Board of Directors for approval in late May. The final CIP is published on the Capital Investment Plan page and goes into effect on July 1.

Capital Investment Plan

Learn more about the CIP

Capital Investment Plan

Learn more about the CIP