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Patrick-Murray Administration Highlights MBTA Blue Line Modernization at State Street Station

Posted on May 26, 2011

BOSTON – Thursday, May 26, 2011 - In keeping with the Patrick-Murray Administration's commitment to providing accessible transportation service, MBTA General Manager Rich Davey today joined local officials to celebrate the $68.3 million State Street Station modernization project. The station now has two new fully accessible entrances and provides a seamless connection between the Blue and Orange Line.

“With the support and direction from Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray the MBTA continues to prioritize the needs of our customers,” said Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan. “Accessibility is a major priority and our investments will continue to enhance customer mobility."

In the 1990s, the MBTA initiated several extensive modernization efforts, including the Blue Line Modernization Project.   To bring the station into ADA compliance, two new elevator-equipped entrances connected to the lobbies of 53 and 60 State Street were constructed. The entrances include new stairs, elevators, and station support spaces with underground access, and automated fare collection equipment. A new accessible corridor connects the inbound platform of the Blue Line to the outbound platform of the Orange Line providing access to the newly installed elevator system that connects all levels of the station.

“Modernization to State Street Station represents our continued commitment to provide people of all abilities access to public transportation that is direct and user-friendly," said MBTA General Manager Rich Davey. “Customers now have a seamless connection between the Blue and Orange Line.”

Additional work includes the lengthening of platforms to accommodate six-car trains. The work required relocation of all existing street utilities, demolition of abandoned city foundations, and the construction of 300 feet of additional station tunnel. 

“One of Mayor Menino’s biggest priorities is to ensure that the city of Boston is accessible and welcoming to all of its residents and visitors, including those with disabilities,” said City of Boston’s Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities Kristen McCosh.  “The MBTA has followed through on its commitment to system-wide accessibility, and State Street station is now fully accessible to everyone.”

In 1989, to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the MBTA initiated the Light Rail Accessibility Project to make the transit system accessible to all persons with disabilities. ADA requires that certain key stations be made accessible. The MBTA Key Station Plan, which was approved by the Federal Transit Administration, includes 80 key stations that must be in compliance with ADA guidelines. Today, 78 MBTA key stations are in compliance including State Street.

Approximately 12,500 customers travel through State Street station each weekday. Reconstruction and beautification improvements to the streetscape continue with completion slated for November 2011.

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