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Increased Service to T.F. Green International Airport

Posted on November 1, 2011

(Boston, MA) – The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company (MBCR) today announced that beginning on Monday, November 14th the commuter rail will be providing increased service to and from T.F. Green International Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island via the Providence/Stoughton line.

With the addition of four roundtrips, commuter rail will operate 10 roundtrips between T.F. Green and South Station per day.

Trains will now depart from T.F. Green, inbound to Providence/South Station, at the following times:

  • Train 802 – 5:05am (arrives in Providence at 5:25am; South Station at 6:40am)
  • Train 806 – 6:13am (arrives in Providence at 6:33am; South Station at 7:45am)
  • Train 808 – 6:52am (arrives in Providence at 7:12am; South Station at 8:16am)
  • Train 810 – 7:15am (arrives in Providence at 7:35am; South Station at 8:51am)
  • Train 814 – 9:23am (arrives in Providence at 9:43am; South Station at 10:55am)
  • Train 816 – 11:45am (arrives in Providence at 12:05pm; South Station at 1:20pm)
  • Train 820 – 3:50pm (arrives in Providence at 4:10pm; South Station at 5:20pm)
  • Train 8802 – 7:20pm (arrives in Providence at 7:40pm; no service to South Station)
  • Train 826 – 8:50pm (arrives in Providence at 9:10pm; South Station at 10:15pm)
  • Train 828 – 10:15pm (arrives in Providence at 10:35pm; South Station at 11:42pm)

Trains will arrive at T.F. Green, outbound from Providence/South Station, at the following times:

  • Train 8801 – 4:50am (Departs Providence at 4:35am)
  • Train 8803 – 5:53am (Departs Providence at 5:38am)
  • Train 8805 – 6:25am (Departs Providence at 6:00am)
  • Train 803 – 8:39am (Departs South Station at 7:20am)
  • Train 805 – 11:17am (Departs South Station at 9:55am)
  • Train 809 – 3:16pm (Departs South Station at 1:50pm)
  • Train 815 – 6:27pm (Departs South Station at 5:00pm)
  • Train 817 – 7:03pm (Departs South Station at 5:40pm)
  • Train 821 – 8:17pm (Departs South Station at 6:50pm)
  • Train 823 – 9:40pm (Departs South Station at 8:15pm)

Service to T.F. Green was originally added to the Providence/Stoughton line in December, 2010.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and the MBTA have been working together on Boston to Providence commuter rail service since 1988, and in 2010 entered into agreement to provide service south of Providence via the InterLink facility.

The partnership has proven beneficial to both agencies, as RIDOT has gained access to regional transportation to and from Boston, and the MBTA has received much-needed capital improvements, including the Pawtucket layover facility, bi-level coaches and other maintenance upgrades along the Providence/Stoughton line.

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