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MBTA: Refurbished Green Line Trolleys Returning to Service

Posted on May 22, 2015

Author: Klark Jessen, MassDOT Blog

The first MBTA Green Line refurbished trolley car was returned to service this week. T personnel are completing test runs on the next refurbished car to return to service in the coming days.

These are the first of 86 that are being refurbished. All 86 trolley cars will be delivered by the end of next year.

“This is a great first step in our ongoing efforts to improve service on the country’s oldest light rail line,” says Interim MBTA GM Frank DePaola.

“In the coming months, Green Line customers will see more and more refurbished trolley cars, providing reliable and safe service to thousands of riders. This rehabilitation work is preserving the integrity of the vehicle structure, roof, and exterior, all of which experienced water damage and corrosion over the last two-and-half decades. Each car’s renewed condition and enhanced appearance will improve the Green Line experience for tens of thousands of daily customers.”

The comprehensive rehabilitation work on the trolley cars includes:

  • Replacement- upgrade design HVAC, Motor Alternator/Low Voltage Power Supply, Auxiliary Lighting, Cab Equipment, Door Open Indicators
  • Replacement- in-kind Flooring, Seats, Insulation
  • Overhauled Structure, Roof, Exterior, Door System, Brake Equipment, Trucks, Propulsion, Pantograph

The $104 million MBTA Green Line trolley car rehabilitation project work is being performed by Alstom from upstate New York.

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