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 BOSTON - The first set of brand-new digital advertising and information screens at an MBTA station were activated today with Harvard Station being the first of four stations to have the screens. In addition to providing a new and steady stream of revenue from advertisers, these screens represent a new channel for service information for customers.

“We are thrilled to be bringing information to our customers and revenue to our system in such an innovative way,” said MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott. “The installation of these screens not only makes our busiest stations more visually appealing, but also provides a new source of advertising revenue and offer customer information to riders.”

As part of a partnership with Titan Digital Advertising, the screens come at no cost to the MBTA and are projected to generate millions of dollars of new advertising revenue for the MBTA in the coming years.

44 screens at 4 high traffic stations throughout the cities of Boston & Cambridge (Harvard Station, Park Street Station, North Station and South Station) are planned and are expected to be on by March. Harvard Station is equipped with three 70” Tri-Faced screens in a kiosk in the main atrium and five 55” Landscape Screens; one double-sided on the inbound platform and three single-sided across the track on the inbound platform.

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