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MBTA’s Timetable Demonstration for Buses Began December 18

Posted on December 20, 2022

The MBTA today announced the start of the one-year Bus Timetable Demonstration for electronic schedules, which began with the winter 2023 bus schedules on December 18. The bus schedules of 12 of the MBTA’s busiest and most complicated routes have been redesigned in the style of a timetable for better clarity and ease of use by bus riders. Riders are encouraged to offer feedback and their opinions about this redesign at

The routes included in the Bus Timetable Demonstration are Routes 8, 9, 15, 16, 34/34E, 36, 86, 95, 134, 240, and 441/442 with individual timetable PDFs available on each bus route’s schedule webpage. These routes were chosen in part because they are routes with multiple complicated variations.

The electronic timetable schedules available for these routes have been redesigned so that bus riders can easily identify special trips and variations without relying on footnotes. The new timetable layout also promotes a larger type size, which improves legibility for riders and reduces the need for one-off printing/mailing services.

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