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Our Proposals for Better Bus Service

Updated on January 28, 2019

Earlier this year, the MBTA began working with communities and community leaders to better understand the gaps in our current bus service network, as part of the Better Bus Project.

We collected feedback from than 3,000 bus riders, as well as bus operators and community leaders—and we used it to inform 47 proposals for near-term changes to 63 routes.

Additionally, this research informed the 2018 State of the Bus System, the 2018 Market Analysis, and route profiles for all 180 routes across 35 communities.

About the Proposals

Before we can make substantial service changes, we need to make simple changes that will enable better service per dollar invested when it’s time to add more buses, drivers, and garages.

These proposals focus on consolidating duplicate routes and improving the space available at bus stops. We estimate these changes will save up to 2,000 passenger hours every weekday, and result in positive changes for as many as 30,000 bus riders. These are good, long-overdue changes, and together they lay the foundation for a bus network that provides more frequent, reliable service in the Greater Boston area.

Review these proposals below and submit feedback online or at one of 8 community meetings, 7 open houses at MBTA stations, or to one of the 6 Street Teams at MBTA stations in January through March.

Spring 2019 Update

The public comment period closed on March 13. Over 6 weeks of intensive public engagement, we spoke with over 2,500 riders at 75 engagements through our street teams, and at meetings and briefings.

We collected 3,500 discrete comments about the original 47 near-term proposals, and this feedback allowed us to consider issues that were not previously identified.