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Station Brightening

Updated on April 30, 2019

Work underway at Government Center

We’re working on cleaning, repairing, and updating busy stations and busways across the MBTA.

Work includes: 

  • Cleaning and painting ceilings
  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Sanitizing and deep cleaning
  • Updating maps 
  • Providing better wayfinding
  • Filling after-winter potholes
  • Fixing underground leaks
  • Repairing cracked sidewalks
  • Landscaping

Why We’re Doing This Work

This station brightening effort will bridge the gap between regular, ongoing maintenance and additional needs related to improving the system.

It’s just one piece of the investments we are making to upgrade vehicles, stations, tracks, signals, power systems, bridges, tunnels, maintenance facilities, and to improve accessibility, safety, and reliability. The work that’s happening now, and in the coming years, will transform the MBTA.

What You Can Expect During This Work

We started work in April at busy stations and busways such as Ashmont, Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, Dudley, and JFK/UMass. Work will continue over the next 6 months at a number of additional stations.

You can expect to see:

  • Areas that have been deep cleaned or power washed
  • Cleaned and painted ceilings
  • Repaired leaks and cracks
  • Lighting that’s brighter and energy-efficient
  • Repairs to broken concrete and sidewalks
  • Filled potholes
  • Cleaner tracks
  • New system maps and signs

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