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Learn more about staying safe on the T, or report an emergency to the Transit Police.

For your safety and the safety of other MBTA passengers, we ask you to follow these rules.

Violations may result in a fine, ticket, or arrest. If you would like to report a violation, please call the Transit Police at 617-222-1212 or submit an anonymous report with the See Say App on your Apple or Android device.

Fare Non-payment

Using MBTA services without paying is prohibited.

Fare evaders will be fined $100 for their first offense, $200 for their second, and $600 for each offense after that. Unpaid violations may result in a license suspension from the RMV.

Parking Tickets

There are 2 types of tickets you may receive from the MBTA: Invoices for Non-payment or Transit Police Violations. They are delivered, paid for, and disputed in different ways.

To learn more about MBTA parking policies, please review our parking rules and regulations.

Trespassing on MBTA Property

It is against the law to trespass on MBTA property. This includes buildings, vehicles, trolleys, boats, and property owned by the MBTA.

Failure to adhere to “No Trespassing” or “Restricted Area” area signs may result in a fine or arrest. If a Transit Police Officer requests that you leave an area and you fail to comply, or if you return later, you may be arrested.

Trespassing on Train Tracks

It is illegal and dangerous to trespass on train tracks.

Amtrak trains and MBTA subways and trolleys are powered by electricity, either by overhead wires or a third rail. They range in power from 600 to 30,000 volts, and are extremely dangerous if touched.

If you notice a problem with any electrified tracks or wires, alert the Transit Police immediately. Do not touch the third rail or overhead wires for any reason.

Property Destruction

Destruction of MBTA property is prohibited, and offenses are punishable under to the law.

Railroad Crossings

It is against the law to drive through a railroad crossing if the gate is down and/or the lights are flashing. Doing so will result in a ticket and a $200 fine.

Abandoned Vehicles

It’s illegal to abandon a vehicle on MBTA property. If you suspect there is an abandoned vehicle on MBTA property, please contact the Transit Police at

Unauthorized Use of Busways

By law, all MBTA busways are restricted to buses and other authorized vehicles. Any non-authorized vehicle on a busway will be issued a ticket and a $50 fine.

Parking at Bus Stops

Cars parked at bus stops illegally will be issued a ticket from the Transit Police. The car may also be towed.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on all MBTA property and vehicles. Violations will result in a ticket and fine.

Failure to respond to the ticket, either by paying the fine or requesting a hearing, may result in an arrest warrant. Failure to appear at a hearing or pay fines determined at a hearing may also result in an arrest warrant.