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2 Washington Sq, Worcester, MA 01608

Map of Worcester and surrounding area



  • Total parking spaces: 500
  • Accessible spaces: 9
  • Type: Garage


  • Payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, Cash
  • Daily fee: First hour: $4 ($1 each additional hour), 6+ hours: $14 | Evenings (5 PM - 3 AM): $3 | Overnight (3 - 5 AM): $5
  • Monthly pass: $153 regular, $159 overnight, $188 premium


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Worcester is accessible. It has the following features:

  • Mini high level platform to provide level boarding to certain cars in a train set

Report an elevator, escalator, or other accessibility issue.

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Commuter Rail Fares

Note: This station is equipped with fare vending machines where passengers can purchase One Way, Round Trip, or Monthly Passes up to Zone 8.

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