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Winter Storm Photos (March 8, 2018)

Crews sand the platform.
Getting ready for Green Line D branch service to resume, crews prepare the platform at Newton Highlands by adding sand to add traction.

A wire droops down amid the snow as a crew on the left begins work
Crews work on a downed wire along the Green Line D branch, between Chestnut Hill and Newton Centre. Bus shuttles are running between Reservoir and Riverside, but we're working to have regular service tonight.

MBTA crews clear platforms and sidewalks, but did you know they also make sure emergency egress hatches are free of snow and ice?

A crewman gives a thumbs up after he shoveled a hatch on the sidewalk near Bowdoin

Outside Bowdoin on the Blue Line.

Shoveling a hatch outside the Red Line track area

Outside the Red Line track area in Cambridge.

In Cambridge, along the Red Line, north toward Alewife.

In Cambridge, along the Red Line.

The Mattapan Trolley pulls out to the platform at Milton station. A rider who just disembarked walks off.
Mattapan Trolley service resumed at 11:15 AM! During winter storms or severe weather, we take the proactive step of running bus shuttles in place of trolley service to protect the 70-year-old trolley cars from weather-related damage.

A crewperson shovels snow outside a station on the Blue Line. The first photo is a far shot, and the second one is a closeup.
Shoveling the sidewalk outside Wood Island station on the Blue Line.

Two crewpeople in orange vests shovel tracks outside
A crew shovels tracks on the Blue Line.

A woman walks outside Revere Beach station on the Blue Line, with snow covering the trees and buildings
Outside Revere Beach station on the Blue Line.

On the left, a crew uses a long pole to dislodge the fallen tree over the Green Line D branch tracks, with a train nearby. On the right, a photo of the overhead wires, now clear of the tree.
A crew successfully dislodges a fallen tree from overhead wires along the Green Line B branch tracks.

A crew inspects the tracks
A commuter rail train on the right, with crewpeople on the left, attending to the derailment issues.
Crews address a low-speed trail derailment on the Lowell Line that occurred in the morning. Bus shuttles went into effect between Wilmington and Anderson/Woburn for a short period, but trains were later able to run past the disabled train.

Outside on the Braintree platform, a Red Line train on the left, three members of a shoveling crew on the left as well. Piles of shoveled snow on the platform, to the right.
A freshly shoveled platform at Braintree on the Red Line.

This fallen tree between Newton Centre and Chestnut Hill damaged an overhead wire. Bus shuttles replace Green Line D branch service between Reservoir and Riverside while repairs are underway.

A crewperson shovels the Wellington busway, clearing snow.
A crewperson shovels snow from the Wellington Yard busway.

A snow plow clears a path.
A snow plow clears a path.

At Wellington Yard, an Orange Line trains runs in the early morning snow, its headlights cutting through the darkness.
At Wellington Yard, an Orange Line train braves the snow in the early morning.

A crewperson clears snow from the platform at Malden Station.
A crewperson shovels snow from the Malden platform.

Three parked commuter rail trains in the early, pre-dusk hours.
Commuter Rail trains at Fitchburg get ready for service during the storm.