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Select from the list below to learn more about the information and tools available for developers interested in MBTA data.


For updated specification extension, archive, and licensing documentation for the MBTA's implementation of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS):

View MBTA GTFS documentation

Please note this is intended to supplement, not replace, documentation on GTFS itself.

Upcoming Changes

Watch the MassDOT/MBTA Developers Google Group for announcements with details out upcoming changes to GTFS.

Accessing the MBTA GTFS Feed

The MBTA GTFS feed is updated at least 4 times a year but is subject to change at any time. We recommend checking for a new feed on a daily basis. It is always available at the above URL.

We recommend using the "Last-Modified" header to see whether there has been an update. "Last Modified" can be used with the "If-Modified-Since" request header to return a 304 if the file has not been changed.

Archived files are also available.

See the MBTA GTFS Archive

As of February 21, 2019, the Massport shuttles will no longer be a part of the MBTA GTFS Feed. Developers can find that data from Trillium Transit. Please note that stop IDs and route IDs are different between the two feeds.

Use of MBTA data is governed by the MassDOT Developers License Agreement.