Late Night T Data Challenge Extended!

 The Lane Night T Data Challenge challenges developers to explore ridership data about the MBTA's new late-night service, and to see what they can make with the new "version 2" of the MBTA-realtime API. The submission deadline, originally July 23rd, has been extended to September 5th! Learn more at the Late Night T Challenge website.  

MBTA-realtime API v2 in Production!

 MBTA-realtime now provides an all-in-one interface for all the schedule, alert, and real-time data the MBTA makes available for its services. Information is consistent across different modes and compatible with GTFS. GTFS-realtime also available. Learn more at the MBTA-realtime developer portal.  


MBTA Developers Page

Welcome to the MBTA Developers Page!  The tools and service on this page are a resource to developers interested in building apps, tools, and other services that make riding the T easier. 

Join the Community and Access MBTA Data

Use of any data on the MBTA Developers Page acknowledges acceptance of MassDOT's Developer's License Agreement and Relationship Principles.

MBTA-realtime - Our new unified API for real-time information, schedule data and alerts.

Schedules and Trip Planning Data (GTFS) - The schedules for all MBTA service, in industry-standard GTFS format. 

Real-Time Data in GTFS-realtime Format - Real-time data in the emerging GTFS-realtime format. Includes real-time information and alerts. 

Real-Time Bus Data in the NextBus API - The NextBus API for real-time data on the bus locations and arrival predications

Commuter Connect - A tool for reporting physical plant issues

Deprecated Real-Time Subway Feed - Documentation is still available on the original subway feed, but developers should use the MBTA-realtime API or GTFS-realtime. 

Deprecated Real-Time Commuter Rail Feed - Documentation is still available on the original Commuter Rail feed, but developers should use the MBTA-realtime API or GTFS-realtime. 

Got questions?  Don’t see the data you want here?  Join our Google Group and the MBTA Developer community here. You can also direct questions to .