Announcing the Late Night T Data Challenge

MassDOT and the MBTA are excited to announce a 4-week data challenge that will release the MBTA's late night ridership data as well as a new version of the API for the T's real-time data. Submissions close July 23rd. Learn more at the Late Night T Challenge website.  


MBTA Developers Page

Welcome to the MBTA Developers Page!  The tools and service on this page are a resource to developers interested in building apps, tools, and other services that make riding the T easier. 

Join the Community and Access MBTA Data

Use of any data on the MBTA Developers Page acknowledges acceptance of MassDOT's Developer's License Agreement and Relationship Principles.

MBTA-realtime - Our new unified API for real-time information (coming soon), schedule data (available now) and alerts (available now.)

Schedules and Trip Planning Data (GTFS) - This file, using the open format GTFS, includes information on all MBTA service schedules

Real-Time Data in GTFS-realtime Format - Real-time data in the emerging GTFS-realtime format. Currently includes bus data.

Real-Time Bus Data - Real-time data on the bus locations and arrival predications

Real-Time Subway Data (Red, Orange, Blue) - Real-time data on train locations and arrival predictions

Real-Time Commuter Rail Data - Real-time data on Commuter Rail locations and movements

Commuter Connect - A tool for reporting physical plant issues

THE RIDE Service MapsDownload maps in KMZ format for use with Google Earth and similar programs

Got questions?  Don’t see the data you want here?  Join our Google Group and the MBTA Developer community here. You can also direct questions to .