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Developer Resources

More from Developers

Select from the list below to learn more about the information and tools available for developers interested in MBTA data.

Historic MBTA Data

See MBTA Back on Track for historic information about ridership, reliability, and more.

Get Help with MBTA Data

Join our public forum, the MassDOT/MBTA Developers Google Group.

Contact us directly at


Explore our GitHub repositories.

Transit Data Standards

If you’re new to the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format, is a great place to get started. We provide schedule data in GTFS, and our real-time data reflects the concepts and keys in GTFS.  

Google's GTFS-realtime documentation provides an introduction to the GTFS-realtime format, which you can use to retrieve real-time service information for the whole agency.

Massachusetts Data

The MassDOT Developers page includes data from other Massachusetts transit agencies, as well as highway, airport, and RMV data.

MassData is a portal to more Massachusetts data.

Use of MBTA data is governed by the MassDOT Developers License Agreement.