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Stop Announcements & Route Identification On MBTA Commuter Rail

Many MBTA commuter rail cars are equipped with automated stop announcement equipment that automatically announce all stops along the train's route.  If the automated stop announcement equipment isn't working, the train conductor is required to announce all station stops. Click here to learn about stop announcement regulations.

On this page, you will learn more about stop announcements on commuter rail trains. You will also have the opportunity to listen to announcements made by the stop announcement equipment.   

Stop Announcements

What Are Stop Announcements?

Stop Announcements tell the customer which station they are going to.

When Should Stops Be Announced?

Stop announcements are normally announced three times for any given station. The stops will be announced at the following times:

When the train departs a station

As the train departs a station, the next stop will be announced.  Click on the link below to hear a sample.

Sample Announcement:  "Next stop, Wellesley Hills."

As the train is approaching a station

As a train approaches a station, the station in which the train is arriving will be announced. This announcement is normally made approximately 1 to 2 minutes prior to the train reaching the station.  Click on the link below to hear a sample.

Sample Announcement: "Now Approaching, Wellesley Hills."

As the train Arrives At A Station 

As the train enters a station, the stop will be announced. Click on the link below to hear a sample.

Sample Announcement:  "Now Arriving At Wellesley Hills."