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Commuter Rail Platform Types

This page is designed to familiarize you with the various types of commuter rail platforms you will encounter when using the MBTA commuter rail system.

High Level Platform

High Level Platform. Click to enlarge.

High Level Platforms offers MBTA customers the highest level of accessibility; offering step-free access to all cars of the commuter rail train. High level platforms are located at Boston's North, South, and Back Bay stations, at all stations on the Greenbush, Middleboro/Lakeville, and Kingston/Plymouth Lines, at most stations on the Readville Line, and at various stations throughout the region. Although the platform is completely level with the train door, a mobile bridgeplate may still be necessary to board the train.

Mini-High Platforms

Mini-High Platform. Click to enlarge.

The Mini-High Platform can best be described as the shorter version of the high level platform. These platforms are typically located at the far end of low-level platforms. Unlike High level platforms, mini-high platforms offers step-free access to only 2 doors of a commuter rail train (typically near the front or back). Because of this, customers who require step-free access are encouraged to inform the commuter rail conductor of their destination. This will help to ensure that you are in the appropriate car if you are exiting at a station that has a mini-high platform.

Low Level Platforms

Low Level Platform. Click to enlarge.

Low Level Platforms are ground-level platforms. Level boarding is not available at many low level platforms.