Accessible Services

Exiting Procedure for Customers Using a Wheeled Mobility Device or Who Have Limited Mobility (Commuter Rail)

This page will discuss the exiting process on commuter rail trains for customers who use a wheeled mobility device or who have limited mobility.

Exiting a Commuter Rail Train

The following procedure may be used when exiting a commuter rail train.

Customer near train doors. Click to enlarge.
  • Once the train has arrived at your destination, make your way to the train doors. Do not attempt to exit the train until the┬ámobile bridgeplate has been deployed for you.
Conductor assisting customer off of train. Click to enlarge.
  • Once the┬ámobile bridgeplate is deployed, wheel off of the train onto the platform through the use of the portable bridgeplate. Upon request, commuter rail conductors are required to assist customers in exiting the train under MBTA policy.
Customer wheeling down ramp. Click to enlarge.
  • If you are exiting the train onto a mini-high platform, you will need to wheel down the ramp onto the low-level platform.