See Something Say Something

Help PREVENT Terrorism

Help the Transit Police PREVENT Terrorism. If you see something suspicious, or out of place, report it immediately to the Transit Police or to an MBTA Official. The Transit Police will respond to, and follow up on, reports of suspicious activity, no matter how minor. Your report could be the report that helps the Transit Police deter an act of terrorism. Your eyes and ears are valuable tools in the continuing effort to maintain a safe transit environment. Alert passengers who observe activities or things that seem out of place, or out of the ordinary, are asked to report such instances to a uniformed MBTA employee or contact the MBTA Transit Police at 617-222-1212.

Examples include:
- An unattended package or bag on a seat or a platform.
- Unauthorized people in a seemingly restricted area.
- Suspicious behavior or disorderly conduct.
- Unexplainable odors, substances, or smoke.

Describing Suspicious Behavior:
- WHO did you observe?
- WHAT did you see? Be specific.
- WHERE did you see it?
- WHEN did you see it?
- WHY is it suspicious?

Try to Be:
- ACCURATE (most important)

About the Person:
- Sex
- Race
- Age (approximate)
- Height
- Weight
- Build (thin, medium, heavy set)
- Hair
- Complexion (light, dark, ruddy, olive)
- Peculiarities (scar, tattoos, missing limbs or teeth)
- Clothing (from head to toe, style, defects)
- Weapons (if any)
- Method of escape (direction, vehicle, etc.)

About the Vehicle:
- License Plate (most important)
- Year, make, model & color
- Body type (2 door, 4 door, van, SUV, hatchback, etc.)
- Passengers (number of people in vehicle)
- Damage, markings or anything unusual (logos, etc.)

If You Observe Suspicious Activity or a Crime:
DO NOT take direct action;
DO NOT confront the individual;
DO NOT reveal your suspicions;
DO record as many details as possible;
DO notify the Transit Police Department immediately.

Suspicious Activity on a Bus:
- Observe what others bring on the bus.
- Observe where packages and objects are placed.
- If a passenger leaves something behind, politely bring it to their attention.
- Notify the bus operator if you see suspicious behavior, find an unattended item or witness something unusual.

Call the Transit Police (617-222-1212) if you notice something or someone suspicious at or near a bus stop, subway station or commuter rail station. In the simplest terms, the message comes down to this: If you see something, say something. Together, we can make a difference.

MBTA Transit Police Department 
240 Southampton Street
Boston, MA 02118

Office of the Chief:
Deaf or Hard of Hearing: 
617-222-1200 TTY
National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

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