Accessible Services

How Are MBTA Buses Accessible?

All MBTA buses are equipped with:

  • The capability to kneel or lower for customer convenience.
  • Lifts (on high-floor buses) or ramps (on low-floor buses).
  • Two securement areas for wheeled mobility devices.
  • Automated stop announcement equipment that announces the route number, destination, and every stop along the route as the bus travels to its destination.
  • Destination signs that are bright and easy to read.
  • Priority seating areas (normally found near the front of the bus).

In addition, schedules for MBTA buses are available in large print, braille, and other forms of alternative formatting.  Contact MBTA's Customer Support Services Center by calling 617-222-3200 or 617-222-5146 (TTY) to obtain a schedule in alternative formatting.  Bus schedules are also available in HTML format on the MBTA website.    

Additional Access Information Regarding MBTA Buses

  • Bus operators will make every attempt to pull up to the curb at a bus stop.  If they are unable to pull up to the curb, the operator will board you or let you off at a safer location nearby.
  • Bus operators will most likely board customers who use wheeled mobility devices before all other customers.
  • It is MBTA policy to secure all wheeled mobility devices while onboard a bus.
  • If the stop announcement equipment is not working on a bus, the bus operator will announce route number and destination of the bus, as well as major transfer points.

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