Accessible Services

Exiting a MBTA Bus at an Obstructed Stop

Occasionally, MBTA bus stops are blocked by illegally parked vehicles, unshoveled snow, or other obstructions. Under such circumstances, the bus Operator may be unable to pull the bus to the curb at the designated bus stop. Please keep in mind the following when exiting the bus at an obstructed stop.

Bus Operator moving bus to a safe location to let customer off of the bus.
  • If you are attempting to exit the bus at an obstructed stop, the Operator may need to reposition the bus to a nearby alternate location where he/she can properly lower the bus to the curb.  If there is no nearby location where he/she can pull the bus to the curb, the Operator may request that you exit at the street level.
Bus Operator pressing button to lower bus.
  • Anytime you are exiting the bus at street level, MBTA policy requires all Bus Operators to lower the bus.
Bus Operator helping a customer in a wheeled mobility device down the ramp of a low-floor bus.
  • If you are using a wheeled mobility device and are exiting a low-floor bus at street level, MBTA policy requires the Operator to walk down the ramp behind you.  This is to ensure your safety while using the steeper-than-normal ramp.

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