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Customer Assistance Areas at MBTA Stations

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Use the following resources to plan a fully accessible trip on the MBTA.

While customers can always approach an MBTA staff member with an accessibility request, the Customer Assistance Area provides a safe place to call for assistance and wait for it to arrive.

Customer Assistance Areas can be found at the following stations:

  • Red Line platforms at South Station
  • Orange Line platforms at North Station
  • Boston-bound platform at Orient Heights Station
  • Back Bay Station
  • Forest Hills Station
  • Government Center Station

Customer Assistance Areas are located near the center of train platforms and have white tactile surface strips running perpendicular from the platform wall. There are 2 tactile surfaces at each area, placed about 4 feet from each other.

Each well-lit area also has:

  • A call box
  • Seating
  • Braille signage and instructions
  • Large-type signage and instructions

To request help at a Customer Assistance Area, press the button on the call box. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

Wait here for an MBTA staff member to arrive. They can help you board a train or locate an exit, elevator, or any other accessibility equipment.