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Better Bus Project

better bus project
Updated on February 23, 2018

About the Project

Timeline: 2018-2020
Status: Planning

Nearly 450,000 people in 50 communities rely on MBTA bus service every weekday. Recent research has shown that despite efforts to meet the needs of bus riders, there are still significant gaps in service. To fill these gaps and provide the level of service our customers expect and deserve, we will be working within these communities over the next few years.

The Better Bus Project will compare the current bus service and network against the new Service Delivery Policy, which defines the quality and level of service we should be providing.

As we continue our research phase, you may see the Better Bus Project team speaking with riders at bus stops and stopping into community meetings. The final proposal will consider all feedback provided  at public meetings and in online surveys. 

In late 2018, the Better Bus Project team will propose changes to bus service based on this research and established partnerships. Customers should expect to see service changes and improvements, related to the Better Bus Project, between now and 2020. 

During the planning phase, the Better Bus Project team will investigate:

  • Gaps in service and scheduling
  • Operational changes that could streamline staff procedures and dispatching tools
  • How to strengthen partnerships with municipalities to provide better service

Better Bus Project Timeline

Time PeriodPhase
Time PeriodEarly 2018PhaseConduct analyses and assessments of the existing bus network, begin public outreach and engagement
Time PeriodMid-2018PhaseDevelop early recommendations for service changes, continue public outreach and engagement with municipalities
Time PeriodLate 2018PhasePropose bus network and service changes to the FMCB, request additional funds to accomplish goals and fill gaps in service
Time Period2019PhaseBegin implementing Better Bus Project action items based on quarterly updates

Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to Better Bus Project, please contact:
Better Bus Project

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