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Fares and Passes

Your MBTA fare depends on whether you travel by subway, bus, Commuter Rail, or ferry and whether you pay with cash, CharlieTicket, CharlieCard, or the mTicket app. You may pay more to transfer to other modes.

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You can also purchase passes that grant you unlimited travel on certain modes for 1 day, 7 days, or a month.

The MBTA does not refund any fare products.

Paying Your Fare

Use our step-by-step guides to learn how to pay your fare on the subway, bus, Commuter Rail, and ferry.

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Bus and Subway Fares

Bus fares vary based on the route. The three categories of Bus routes are: Local Bus, Inner Express Bus, and Outer Express Bus.

A 1-Day, 7-Day, or Monthly Pass (also called a LinkPass) for Subway will allow you to ride Local Bus for free until the pass expires. Payment of Subway One Way fares with a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket will allow you to transfer to Local Bus for free within 2 hours of paying your original Subway fare.

Below are the most common Bus and Subway Fares.

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Commuter Rail Fares

Your Commuter Rail fare will depend on which stops you board and exit the train. Stops are categorized into Zones 1A-10. Fares can be bought as One Way, Round Trip, and Monthly Passes.

Below are the ranges in prices (based on zone) for the most common Commuter Rail fares.

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Ferry Fares

Your Ferry fare will depend on your origin and destination. Fares can be bought as One Way, Round Trip, and Monthly Passes.

Below are the ranges in prices for the most common Ferry fares.

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Fares for The RIDE are determined by when the trip is booked and the location of the destination. The two fare options are listed below.

ADA Ride

A trip qualifies as ADA if it is booked 1-7 days beforehand. It must also be within 3/4 miles from an active MBTA Bus or Subway service, or be in the core ADA area.

Premium Ride

A trip qualifies as premium if it has been booked for same-day service or if a reservation has been changed after 5:00P for service the next day.

A trip also qualifies if it is not within the core ADA area of service, or has a destination more than 3/4 miles away from an active MBTA Bus or Subway service.

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The CharlieCard

CharlieCards are reusable, durable cards that can be used on Bus and Subway. You can load money onto a CharlieCard to get a discounted One Way fare or purchase any pass (1-Day, 7-Day, Monthly) at the standard fare.

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Reduced Fare Eligibility

Children aged 11 years and under and persons who are blind or visually impaired may ride MBTA services for free. Seniors, persons with disabilities, and students are eligible for reduced One Way fares.

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Pass Programs

Employers, schools, and visitor groups can sign up for pass programs that have benefits such as online account management, automatic monthly CharlieCard re-loads, and advance ordering for large groups. For more information, take a look at the Pass Program Website or call 888-844-0353.