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The MBTA makes information available for developers, including schedules, real-time arrival predictions, alerts, performance metrics, and historical data.

V3 API Launch and Migration from API-V2

The new V3 API for MBTA data launched in late 2017. The V3 API is based on the JSON API standard and documented in Swagger so it's easy to start using. Compared to API-v2, it's 300% faster and adds long-requested features like fully integrated schedule and prediction data and commuter rail track boarding numbers. You can start using the V3 API right now.

With the launch of the V3 API, the MBTA-realtime API-V2 is deprecated, and the MBTA's older legacy feeds are also deprecated. The MBTA will continue to operate API V2 feeds through April 2018. After that date, there is no commitment to operation. Developers should migrate to the V3 API or GTFS-realtime.

MBTA Data Sources

The MBTA publishes data through the following sources:


Use of MBTA data is governed by the MassDOT Developers License Agreement.