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Book Your RIDE with Routematch

On August 15, 2020, we introduced Routematch, a new software system for The RIDE that will improve service and dispatch operations, making it easier for you to book trips from your computer.

Prefer to call? The RIDE is not changing the experience of booking and paying for trips over the phone.

Make a Reservation

You can schedule trips 1 – 5 days in advance.

You can also call TRAC at 844-427-7433 to book your trip.

What should I expect during this transition?

We appreciate your patience as we transition to the new system. You may experience small disruptions in service as our drivers and TRAC operators adjust, too.

We’ll automatically redirect you to the new Routematch site. We also recommended bookmarking (don’t forget to delete your bookmark to the old site).

When you schedule trips, you’ll notice a new and improved website to book, view, and cancel your trips online.

Before your trips begin, you’ll notice:

  • New phone messages confirming your RIDE pickup window, and your driver’s specific arrival estimate
  • Real-time trip updates when your driver is within one hour of your pick-up location

When you’re on your trip, you’ll notice:

  • More on-time pickups and arrivals due to better scheduling and dispatching tools
  • New mapping technology that adjusts routes to avoid traffic delays--you may notice your drivers taking different, but more efficient, routes
  • More efficient routes overall--you may notice new riders on your most common trips due to these automated adjustments

Please note that all customers will need to register for a new account on the Routematch booking website. This includes customers that were previously using the TRAC booking website.

    Will I get new notifications about my booking?

    Routematch enables more accurate and timely phone messages. You will receive 3 calls confirming the time you can expect for your ride:

    • The night before your scheduled trip, you will receive a call providing a 20-minute pickup window for your driver’s arrival.
    • An hour before your scheduled pickup, you will receive a call giving a specific time estimate for your driver’s arrival.
    • When your driver is about to arrive, you will receive a call asking you to be ready at the door.

    Can I book through my smartphone?

    This website is available from your mobile browser. A Routematch app—where you can book, cancel, and check the status of your trips on your phone or tablet—is coming soon.

    Will this impact my eligibility?

    The Routematch transition will not impact your eligibility.

    More Information

    Routematch is a software company with over 500 partnerships with transit systems around the world. We are excited about these improvements and are working to make sure your experience is reliable and affordable.

    You can learn more about this transition from the materials we’ve shared over the last year:

    View frequently asked questions about the transition

    Make a Reservation

    You can schedule trips 1 – 5 days in advance.

    You can also call TRAC at 844-427-7433 to book your trip.