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Sponsorship Proposals

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The MBTA welcomes sponsorship proposals from any party who is willing to donate to one of our projects—new or existing.

Whether you want to help us enhance a facility, offer a new service, or launch an initiative, we encourage eligible parties who are willing and capable of donating to do so. Sponsorships help us pay for projects that we may not otherwise be able to fund—for example, initiatives that fall outside our annual budget or are not a part of our Capital Investment plan.

You can submit a sponsorship proposal for a project we’re already working on, or you can send us your idea for something new that you’d like to see on the T.

What is a Sponsorship Proposal?

Sponsorship proposals...

  • May be submitted by any public or private entity, agency, or person
  • Address a sponsorship opportunity we’ve already identified or a need that the sponsor has identified
  • Include an idea that improves access for disadvantaged groups
  • Target a facility, service, or initiative that benefits riders and the general public

Sponsorship proposals are NOT...

  • A way to advertise on MBTA property
  • Financially beneficial to the sponsor or anyone besides the MBTA and the general public
  • A guarantee that the sponsor will receive public recognition in return for their donation—MBTA decides this on a case-by-case basis

Submitting a Sponsorship Proposal

You’ll need to submit a written application that details your proposed donation along with the scope of the project you want to fund.

Check COMMBUYS first. This is where the MBTA typically lists projects that we already have funding for and are in open procurement. You cannot submit a sponsorship proposal for a project that’s in active procurement.

Write your proposal, ensuring it includes:

  • The amount you want to donate and any conditions you have for your donation
  • The specific sponsorship opportunity or need that you want to address
  • The scope of the proposed project and whether it’s a facility, service, or initiative
  • Details about how the project will benefit riders and the general public, including how it can improve access for disadvantaged groups
  • Details about how the project will benefit our mission and responsibilities

Email your proposal to for review. If we accept your proposal, we’ll contact you to let you know the next steps.