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View design manuals, guidelines, and maintenance standards for work on MBTA projects.

Directives override standards and guidelines for specific elements in prior documents. Any deviation from a directive requires a waiver.

Bathroom Design Criteria (June 2021)

Exit Signs Design Directive (June 2021)

Retaining Wall Design Criteria Directive (April 2021)

Code and Regulation Variances (December 2020)

Construction Monitoring Programs (November 2020)

Busway Design Criteria (November 2020)

Flooring Surfaces – Epoxy Terrazzo (September 2020)

Walkways, Ramps, and Stairs (September 2020)

Design Tolerances for Ramps, Sloped Walkways, Cross Slopes, and Level Surfaces (September 2020)

C-Bonds Design Directive (August 2020)

Flexible Fixture Hangers - "Swivel Type" Fixture Supports (June 2020)

Overhead Contact System Pole Foundations (June 2020)

Environmental Regulations (June 2020)

Firestopping (May 2020)

Electrical Junction Box penetrations in Exterior and/or Wet Locations (May 2020)

Height of Concrete Pedestals and Foundations (May 2020)

Benches (May 2020)

Trash Receptacles (May 2020)

Concrete Anchors (May 2020)

Electric Conduits (May 2020)

Emergency Backup Power Generators for Stations/Facilities (April 2020)

Fire Load Design Criteria (March 2020)

Customer Assistance Area and Call Box Design (November 2019)

Flood Resiliency (November 2019)

Guidance for the Use of Adhesive Anchors (October 2019)

Up and Over Path of Travel at Stations (April 2019)

Drainage Design (April 2019)

Electric Conduits Design (April 2019)

Fiber Optic Design (April 2019)

General Design Design (April 2019)

Material Selection Design (April 2019)

Ramps, Stairs, and Walkways Design (April 2019)

Safety Crane Requirements (December 2016)

Lighting Design (October 2015)

Construction Specification Development (August 2015)

Design of Permanent Construction (January 2015)