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Cabot Yard & Maintenance Facility Improvements Contractor Forum

Meeting Info

Date: February 7, 2018 at 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Location: State Transportation Building, 2nd Floor Board Room, Suite 2890 • 10 Park Plaza • Boston, MA

Attendees: Contractors

Event Description


This project will be the sixth construction project issued to bid as part of the MBTA Red Line and Orange Line Infrastructure Improvements Program. The forum provides interested contractors the opportunity to learn more about the scope and schedule of the project and to connect with other potential partners/subcontractors. Interested parties are recommended to attend.

Contract Value

The approximate contract value is $195 million.


This large-scale project involves 2 major components:

  • The first is the replacement of various elements throughout Cabot Yard located in South Boston and includes improvements to drainage, track, traction power, signals, and lighting.
  • The second is the rehabilitation and modernization of the maintenance facility, originally built in the 1970s and includes a new roof, lighting, doors, and windows; improved communications, AC/DC power, and MEP systems; hazardous materials remediation; installation of new gantry cranes, wheel truing machine, electronics room, access platform, spray paint booth, and other specialty equipment; and an upgraded car wash.

Ultimately, the Cabot Yard & Maintenance Facility Improvements project allows for the safe operation, proper maintenance, and reliable servicing of the new Red Line vehicle fleet.


To meet the goal of improving revenue service, reliability, and customer experience on the Red Line and Orange Line (RLOL), the MBTA has 2 major programs underway:

  • The first program, the New Vehicle Procurement Program, procures new Red Line and Orange Line vehicles.
  • The second program, the Red Line and Orange Line Infrastructure Improvements Program, provides for critical infrastructure improvements and signal upgrades on the Red and Orange Line systems to support these new vehicles.

The Cabot Yard & Maintenance Facility Improvements project forms a core part of the RLOL infrastructure program.


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