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FY 2023 – 2027 Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

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The FY 2023 – 2027 Capital Investment Plan (CIP) is the first five-year plan since the FY 2020 – 2024 CIP, and the first since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It includes all MBTA capital expenditures planned for the next five years.

Thank you for your comments on the proposed FY 2023 – 2027 MBTA CIP. The final version was approved by the MBTA Board of Directors on May 26, 2022, and will go into effect on July 1, 2022. 

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The FY 2023 – 2027 CIP document includes information about the CIP development process, an overview of each of our ten investment programs, an overview of our investments by transit mode, and a full list of our proposed five-year capital investments.

Read the FY 2023 – 2027 CIP
A photo of green line trolley cars at a GLX testing facility. The train on the left is new, and the one on the right is old. They are both elevated on rails inside of a brightly lit warehouse

Public Comments

The public comment period for the proposed FY 2023 – 2027 CIP is now closed. Thank you for your participation! All comments have been reviewed by MBTA staff and shared with the appropriate departments for consideration.

The comments received during the CIP public engagement process help us better understand which investments the public would like us to prioritize. Following the closure of the public comment period, the CIP is refined as necessary, and changes are made based on available funding sources. Additionally, your comments help guide the development of future capital plans. Public feedback is important to the CIP development process, and we appreciate your input.

Public Engagement Summary and Responses

Our supplemental FY 2023 - 2027 MBTA CIP Public Engagement Summary and Responses document includes a list of key topics mentioned in the public comments, as well as responses to each topic. This document also includes a section summarizing our asset management practices and our focus on reliability and modernization investments.

Read the FY 2023-2027 MBTA CIP Public Engagement Summary and Responses

Public Meetings

We held virtual public meetings at which we shared information about the proposed CIP, invited public comments, and responded to questions. Video recordings of these meetings are available on the following event pages: