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Charlie On-Line: The most full-featured account management website of any transit agency in the nation

For thousands of MBTA customers, loading value and monthly passes onto their CharlieCards just got easier. The MBTA's General Manager today introduced state of the art computer technology that allows T customers access to on-line purchasing of fare, and the option to register their CharlieCards.

Promoting the added convenience and security that Charlie On-Line will provide customers, The T's General Manager said, "This is smart, user-friendly technology that not only allows customers the convenience of managing their CharlieCard accounts on-line, but also provides a safety net for customers who experience a lost, stolen or damaged CharlieCard."

The MBTA now offers customers the option to create a MyCharlie Account. Setting up a MyCharlie Account online and registering a CharlieCard provides customers with the option to set up recurring monthly pass purchases eliminating visits to fare vending machines; reload value onto their CharlieCard; and receive for free "No Worries Protection". Additional features of on-line technology include:

Recurring pass purchases - will be automatically charged to credit card five days prior to the end of the month.

Updating CharlieCard with latest online purchase(s) - Online purchases entered on or before midnight will be available for uploading to your CharlieCard after 5:00 a.m. the next day. To ensure fare is available for immediate use, customers must tap CharlieCard at a Fare Vending Machine, a subway Fare Gate, or at a standing or handheld Green Line Ticket Validator. CharlieCards can also be updated at T sales offices at Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, Harvard, North Station and South Station or at any retail location that sells CharlieCards.

Additional Cards - can be added for family members in various denominations.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card - MyCharlie Account members are protected. Customers can report CharlieCard as lost/stolen or damaged by calling 1-888-844-0355. The CharlieCard will be blocked from further use and the pass or stored value remaining at that time will be transferred onto a new CharlieCard and mailed to a customer. Lost, stolen or damaged CharlieCard replacements are processed and mailed within 24 hours. 3 - 5 business days for delivery.

Upon the introduction of the CharlieCard, the number one customer concern became the replacement of a lost or stolen card. At the time, the customer incurred the cost. "With this new technology, customers who register their CharlieCard receive a replacement free of charge," said the General Manager. "That was a legitimate customer concern that today is an issue of the past."

Privacy - The MBTA considers the privacy of our customers' personal information a top priority. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. Customers have the option to have a registered or an unregistered CharlieCard.

Customer Service - Questions regarding online registration or online orders, can be directed to 1-888-844-0355 or e-mail

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