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Mattapan Trolley Re-opens

Posted on December 20, 2007

MBTA General Manager Daniel A. Grabauskas announced the re-opening of the Mattapan Trolley Line, connecting Ashmont and Mattapan Stations.  Service resumed Saturday, December 22nd. 

Trolley service was suspended almost eighteen months ago to accommodate the
removal and reconstruction of the viaduct at Ashmont station, and perform necessary work at Mattapan Station. In addition, the six stations between Ashmont and Mattapan Stations are presently undergoing a full restoration and work will continue through the spring. 

“First and foremost thank you to the Dorchester, Milton, and Mattapan communities for being so patient during the bus replacement service,” said General Manager Grabauskas.  “With the difficult work behind us, we can resume trolley service and still continue with additional work along the line.” 

"Thanks to the MBTA and General Manager Daniel Grabauskas, traveling to and from Mattapan and the surrounding community will no longer be an obstacle," said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.  "The MBTA continues to be a great partner with a strong commitment to our City and neighborhoods. The completion of these renovations will have tremendous affect on Boston residents as they commute to and from work and everything else Boston has to offer."

On Saturday, December 22nd, trolley service resumed and customers will benefit from a number of renovations to each station including:

Ø Elevated platform ramps for easier access
Ø Temporary shelters/seating
Ø New tactile platform edging
Ø New station signage
Ø Police call boxes
Ø New concrete platforms
Ø New station lighting

In an effort to return trolley service to the public as quickly as possible, construction work on additional amenities on each station will continue through the spring.  Some of the remaining work at each of these stations will include:

Ø New speaker systems
Ø New long-term canopies/shelters
Ø Closed circuit surveillance cameras
Ø Electronic message boards
Ø Bike racks
Ø Landscaping


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