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‘West End’ Added to Science Park

Posted on January 21, 2009

The Boston neighborhood which is served by Science Park Station will now be properly recognized with its name added to signs at the 50-year old Green Line Station.

MBTA General Manager was joined by city officials and representatives from the West End Civic Association for an informal dedication ceremony.  Station signs reflecting the ‘secondary name’ have been posted at the Green Line station, which serves about 2,100 people on a typical weekday.

"For many years the West End community lived in the shadows of some of the city's better known neighborhoods, but residents here have always realized its contributions to our history,” said Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.  “Today is an important day for the West End, as many more people will now understand and recognize its place as a proud neighborhood of Boston."

Among those participating in the celebration were Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin and Boston City Council President Mike Ross, who said, “Tourists and locals alike will now be reminded of this vibrant neighborhood whenever they take the train.  I'm grateful to the General Manager for making the change so quickly.”

The General Manager  said the MBTA is happy to accommodate such requests – when feasible.  “That’s why we added Peabody Square to the signs for Ashmont Station and Boston Public Library’s name at Copley Station,” he said.   

Like other stations on the century-old Green Line, Science Park Station is being made completely accessible to people of all abilities.  By the end of this year, work is expected to begin on the construction of two elevators at the station.

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