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MassDOT/MBTA Real-Time Challenge Winners

Posted on March 24, 2010

In November, 2009, MassDOT/MBTA and its trial-partner, NextBus, released a feed of real-time bus arrival information for bus routes 39, 111, 114, 116, and 117.  In just months, independent, third-party software developers have created tools that serve riders through a myriad of different platforms and formats, including iPhone and Android applications, websites, phone services, text services, and LED signs.  To spur further development of rider tools, MassDOT and NextBus held a Real-Time Challenge with two $500 prizes for the best software application and best physical installation.  These products provide MBTA bus riders with a real-time answer to the question “Where’s My Bus”.

Real-Time Challenge Winners

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Winning Application

Winner : "Catch the Bus"
Submitted by: Jared Egan,
Chris Bernardi,
Jing-ta Chow

Winning Physical Installation

Winner : "MBTA Real-Time Clock"
Submitted by: Allen Smith

For more information about the Real-Time Challenge, visit the MassDOT Blog: 

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Questions? Comments? Contacts Chris Dempsey and Josh Robin at MassDOT.

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