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Posted on April 3, 2013

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, Fenway Health and the MBTA today announced a partnership that will help continue the initiative started in 2008 regarding sexual assault and harassment on the MBTA. The MBTA has been previously recognized for this campaign and are highlighting a renewed effort to send a clear, strong message that inappropriate behavior and illegal sexual touching will not be tolerated.

The campaign hopes to empower the riding public to report such incidents and take action to prevent them. The campaign continues to let riders know that the MBTA and the MBTA Transit Police take this seriously and will arrest and prosecute offenders. Posters will be going up in the trains and busses to highlight the renewed campaign

“I want to thank the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and Fenway Health for working closely with our police department”, said MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott. “Strong community partnerships are an important part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe transit environment for all of our customers.”

“This has been groundbreaking work that we have been able to do in partnership with the MBTA, the MBTA transit police, and for this latest version, with Fenway Health too. We know that these efforts have empowered people to come forward and to expect a safe ride.” Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Executive Director Gina Scaramella stated.

Chief Paul MacMillan of the Transit Police said, “We want our customers to know that they should not tolerate this behavior. We suggest they immediately call attention to the situation and let other passengers know what is occurring. If possible, they should take a picture of the offender if it is safe to do so. We also want to ensure they make a report to the Transit Police.”

“This community collaboration has been a meaningful one for Fenway Health and the Violence Recovery Program. As advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender victims of violence, we know our community is often targeted for sexual assault and other violent acts in public spaces. The inclusivity of this campaign communicates that no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, you have a right to safety on the T.” Jessica Newman, a counselor/advocate at the Violence Recovery Program at Fenway Health stated.

Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign 


Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
Gina Scaramella, Executive Director
Meg Bossong, Manager of Community Engagement

Fenway Health
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