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December Was the Best Month of 2015 for Commuter Rail On-Time Performance

Posted on January 26, 2016

Mac Daniel
Keolis Commuter Services

 BOSTON, MA - Keolis Commuter Services, which operates the MBTA commuter rail system, finished 2015 with the best on-time performance (OTP) of the year in December at 92.41 percent. When adjusted for delay factors beyond Keolis' control, such as trespassers or police activity, on-time performance for December rose to 95.5 percent. Keolis officials said December is typically a challenging month because of the transition between falling leaves, falling temperatures and winter's first snow.

 "After starting 2015 with record-setting snow, we finished up the year with record-setting on-time performance," said Keolis Commuter Services General Manager Gerald C. Francis. "We know how important it is that we get our passengers where they need to go on-time, each and every day. These numbers are proof that the Service Improvement Plan we implemented last year is yielding positive results."

 "As mid-winter approaches, I am pleased to see the on-time performance rates trending in a positive direction," said MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola. "We'll continue to work closely with our Commuter Rail partner to provide customers with the reliable levels of service they expect and deserve."

 Between July and December of 2015, the number of late trains on the commuter rail system decreased by 25 percent when compared with the average for that period over the previous 10 years-from 2005 to 2014. From June to December 2015, Keolis' OTP (adjusted) was at 94.52 percent, exceeding the target goal of 92 percent.

On-Time Performance in 2015   Actual OTP
June 87.5% 90.3% July 88.6% 92.5% Aug 89.9% 94.4% Sept 91.8% 95.3% Oct 91.3% 94.4% Nov 87% 93.3% Dec 92.4% 95.5%

*Excludes events beyond Keolis' control

Working with the MBTA and MassDOT, Keolis developed a Service Improvement Plan for the last five months of 2015 to set performance benchmarks for commuter rail service in the areas on-time performance, fare collection, staffing levels and locomotive availability.

By the end of 2015, Keolis had met or exceeded those goals, while also launching a new passenger information center to enhance passenger information via telephone, social media and T-Alerts.

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