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MBTA Preparing for the Next Weather Events

Posted on January 11, 2018

BOSTON – After last week's winter storm, the MBTA is continuing snow-clearing efforts while preparing for an upcoming weather system predicted to drop heavy rainfall across the MBTA service area. In addition to heavy rain, the air temperature is expected to quickly drop below freezing during the weekend, creating the potential for flash freezing.

MBTA operations teams have already removed snow buildup from canopies and roofs within the MBTA system that are known to be prone to falling snow hazards. To prepare for this upcoming weather system, crews are continuing snow removal with particular attention paid to storm drains and catch basins, including the use of jet blowers to clear drainage areas. Crews will be checking system pumps prior to and throughout the weekend with portable pumps pre-deployed in flood-prone areas in order to expedite the response to any potential issues. Observation trains will be operated within the subway system overnight on Friday and Saturday, anti-icing trains will be deployed Saturday morning to prepare for the upcoming freezing temperatures, and crews will be on standby to respond to water issues and/or treat surface areas that may be affected by freezing temperatures on Saturday afternoon.

"As we continue to monitor the forecast, we are deploying personnel and resources accordingly in an effort to preemptively avoid or immediately address any flooding, ice buildup, or other weather-related issues," said MBTA General Manager Luis Manuel Ramírez. "While we are doing our best to get ready, we also want to remind people to stay up to date on the weather forecast and T service information so our customers can be safe, informed, and prepared for the weather."

Regarding the Hingham Ferry, progress continues to be made toward completion:


Dock repairs are currently ongoing, and piles to replace the ones that were damaged are on a truck headed toward Hingham from Pennsylvania. They will be installed as soon as they arrive. Required electrical work is the last necessary component needed and is tentatively scheduled over the weekend, when there is normally no scheduled ferry service. While the MBTA cannot predict if the upcoming weather system will impact the schedule, progress throughout the day today should put MBTA staff in a position to make a determination by tomorrow as to when ferry service will resume.

The MBTA anticipates operating regular service, though customers continue to be encouraged to check the weather forecast and exercise caution during slippery conditions. If MBTA services become affected by water issues or continued falling temperatures, customers are also encouraged to visit the MBTA website, sign up for and check T-Alerts, and follow the T on Twitter @MBTA as well as the commuter rail at @MBTA_CR where all service updates and the most up-to-date service information will be provided.

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