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Preparing for Extreme Heat

Posted on July 30, 2019

Due to extreme heat today and tomorrow, we may be operating trains at reduced speeds in some areas to compensate for heat-related stress on the tracks, which could result in slightly longer travel times.

We’ll also have crews stationed around the system to provide assistance.

Learn more about keeping cool in the heat

What to Expect if You Take the T

subway Trains

In addition to operating trains and reduced speeds if necessary, we’ll also have crews performing track inspections and making emergency repairs should they occur.​

bus Buses

Air conditioning is being checked and repaired wherever needed. Just like home, buses stay cooler when the windows are closed. Riders can help keep things cool by closing open bus windows.

T Trains, Trolleys, and Buses

Overhead wires that power some of our vehicles expand and sag during extremely hot weather. We’ve been making adjustments to prevent low-hanging wires.

Report a Hot Vehicle

Please let us know if you experience a hot bus or train by telling your operator.

You can also let a station official know, call 617-222-3200, send us a message, or tweet us @MBTA. Be sure to include your bus or train number.

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