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Test Track and Vehicle Testing Facility to Be Used for New Red Line Cars

Posted on January 5, 2022

When hundreds of new Red Line cars are shipped from Springfield to Boston, they will be commissioned using the recently completed $22 million Red Line Test Track and Vehicle Testing Facility, built as part of the Red Line Transformation Program. The dedicated track and facility will give the MBTA flexibility and control over the testing process and will allow a faster rollout of the new fleet.

A brief video announcing the completion of the Test Track and Vehicle Testing Facility Project is available online.

A "project accomplished" banner above an infographic showing that the project included a test track, special trackwork, and a test facility
Completed work across the Test Track & Vehicle Testing Facility project

The new test track and testing facility will soon be used to commission the first production vehicles before the end of the Winter and an increase of deliveries is expected throughout 2022. At the same time, deliveries continue for Orange Line trains.

The new test track is adjacent to Cabot Yard (near Broadway Station), allowing easy access for vehicle deliveries and testing without interfering with regular maintenance or competing for access on the mainline with regular service.

An aerial view of the vehicle testing facility, test track, and red line yard near Broadway station and Cabot Yard
Aerial view of the completed Red Line Test Track and Vehicle Testing Facility

“The installation of the new test track and testing facility enables the timely commissioning of new Red Line vehicles as part of the MBTA’s plan to increase capacity and improve reliability on the Red Line,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak.

“The completion of this project brings our team one step closer to delivering state-of-the-art, more reliable vehicles to our Red Line ridership.” added Angel Peña, Chief of Capital Transformation.

three photos of the interior of the new red line testing facility: test tracks inside the building, circuit boxes and breakers, and a large warehouse garage door outside leading to tracks
Completed Vehicle Testing Facility (Including Track, Power Control Systems, and Exterior)
two side by side photos of the new red line test tracks with orange traffic cones nearby
New track ready for vehicle testing

The Red Line Test Track and Vehicle Testing Facility are part of the Capital Transformation team’s holistic approach to transforming the Green, Orange, and Red Lines. This includes the construction taking place at Cabot Yard and Maintenance Facility, which will feature all new rail yard tracks, power systems, signals, and new diagnostics equipment. These upgrades will support the maintenance needs of the future fleet of vehicles, enabling more reliable service and shorter travel times for our customers in the years to come.

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