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MBTA Launches Online Safety Dashboard, Public Can Now See Status of FTA Special Directives

Posted on February 24, 2023

The MBTA has launched an online safety dashboard today that allows the public to see the status of the T’s progress in responding to the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Safety Management Inspection (SMI) Special Directives. The new dashboard includes a description of each Corrective Action Plan, what it is intended to correct, the MBTA’s analysis, recommendations, and the status of steps being taken to address the FTA’s Special Directives. To view the dashboard, visit

“This public-facing dashboard will allow everyone to learn about the progress the MBTA is making to improve the safety and reliability of the system,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Gina Fiandaca. “MBTA management recognizes the important role the T plays in the daily lives of the communities served, that service is critical, and with this dashboard the MBTA will be transparent about efforts underway to address the FTA findings.”

“The dashboard will be updated monthly, and new features added as the T progresses towards addressing each Special Directive. This work will support safety as a core value by communicating and building the infrastructure and organizational framework that will allow us to move forward,” said MBTA Interim General Manager Jeffrey Gonneville.

The MBTA developed 38 Corrective Action Plans and 545 Action Items that detail how it will address each FTA Special Directive and implement safety improvements across the organization. The T has completed 36 percent of its overall action items to date.  

In addition to information on the status of FTA Special Directives, the dashboard also includes a Speed Restriction Report that will be the basis for a new Speed Restriction dashboard that will be launched by the T in March. The Speed Restriction Report is an interim step as the T builds out the fully functioning Speed Restriction dashboard that will be updated daily to provide riders with the most up-to-date information available on location, speed limits, and distance for each speed restriction along each subway line.

The FTA released its SMI findings for the MBTA in August 2022. The report covered all rail transit and safety disciplines and included a review of rail transit operations, training, vehicle maintenance, signals, train control, and track access. It also covered capital project delivery, traction power, facilities, and safety management.


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