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MBTA Announces Service Plans for Friday’s Celtics Parade

Posted on June 18, 2024

MBTA buses with Go Celtics displayed on digital screens

The MBTA will operate additional subway service and provide a modified weekday Commuter Rail schedule with more service before and after the parade.

Parade attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase roundtrip fares in advance.

Visit for complete information. 

To accommodate parade attendees heading to the 2024 Boston Celtics Championship “Rolling Rally” victory parade, the MBTA will operate enhanced service on Friday, June 21, 2024.

To accommodate higher-than-normal ridership, the MBTA will operate increased subway service and modified Commuter Rail schedules with additional train times before and after the parade. Riders are strongly encouraged to purchase roundtrip fares in advance. Due to expected crowds, additional MBTA staff, MBTA Transit Navigation Crew volunteers, Transit Ambassadors, Keolis personnel, and Transit Police will be deployed throughout the system to assist with safety, wayfinding, boarding, paying for fares, and schedule information.

Riders can find more information on MBTA service, parking, paying fares, and more at

“Friday will be a busy but joyous day as we all celebrate the Boston Celtics’ 18th Championship victory. In support of this, the MBTA is ready to provide increased service to our regular riders and to those heading to the city to celebrate,” said MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng. “We’re reminding riders to stay connected, check T-Alerts or X for service information, and purchase roundtrip fare in advance to avoid lines at fare vending machines. I want to thank my management team and our workforce for all the advance planning and preparation necessary to enable us to deliver improved and reliable service getting parade attendees where they need to go safely, and we’re also asking that riders use caution as they ride the system given the expected crowds. We’re excited for everyone to have an enjoyable day to cap a fantastic season – go Celtics!”

“As we prepare for this victory parade, MBTA Transit Police will have an enhanced presence throughout the day,” said MBTA Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green. “During this parade, we’re asking our riders for their assistance: if you see something, please say something. Riders are encouraged to download and use the SeeSay app to anonymously report any incidents they encounter. Working together, we can ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable day.”  

On the Subway

The MBTA will operate increased subway service on Friday. From about 6 AM to 6 PM,  Green Line trains will operate weekday peak frequency with trains operating about every 6-8 minutes, Orange Line trains will operate every 7-8 minutes, Red Line trains will operate every 6-7 minutes between Alewife and JFK/UMass and every 13-14 minutes on the Ashmont and Braintree Branches, and Blue Line trains will operate every 5-6 minutes.

Station platforms may become crowded. As a safety precaution, riders are reminded to stay behind the yellow line when on station platforms and do not obstruct closing doors of subway vehicles.  

Bikes (including folding bikes) are not allowed on the subway on Friday.

Riders are strongly encouraged to purchase roundtrip fares either the day before or the morning of the parade.

On the Commuter Rail

The MBTA will operate a modified weekday Commuter Rail schedule. Please see for more schedule information. 

Passengers may be directed to queue at train stations downtown for your safety and to avoid overcrowding. Passengers are asked to check as well as Twitter/X at @MBTA and @MBTA_CR_Alerts for more information, and to listen to and ask on-site station staff for any assistance – staff are ready to help all riders get where they need to go before, during, and after the parade. 

Bikes (including folding bikes) will not be allowed on any Commuter Rail trains on Friday.

Parking facility locations, rates, and capacity information are available at

Passengers are strongly encouraged to purchase roundtrip fares the day before or the morning of the parade to avoid long waits at fare vending machines after the parade. Commuter Rail passengers are also encouraged to use the mTicket app. More information about mTicket is available at

On Buses

All MBTA bus routes will operate regular weekday schedules on Friday with the exception of the following bus routes that will be detoured due to the parade. Please visit these routes’ T-Alerts pages for more information on each detour:  

On Ferries

All ferry routes will operate their regular weekday schedules. Passengers are reminded that MBTA ferry service operates on a first come, first serve basis and vessel capacity is limited. 


The RIDE will operate its regular schedule, though some trips will operate around the parade route as necessary.

Customer Information

Customers can call the MBTA call center at 617-222-3200. To report an emergency, dial 911 or call the MBTA Transit Police Department at 617-222-1212. Riders are reminded that emergencies can also be reported anonymously with the SeeSay app on iPhone or Android device. The SeeSay app is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and riders can expect a response within a few minutes of a report.

More Information

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