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Hynes Station Accessibility Improvements

Riders wait for the Green Line at Hynes, checking their smartphones

Hynes Station serves the B, C, and D branches of the Green Line. We’re renovating the station to improve accessibility, safety, and rider experience.

These improvements will be partially funded ($30.5M) by the Parcel 13 project—and done in coordination with the Parcel 12 project—as part of a contract for a future mixed-use development over the I-90 Turnpike and Hynes Station.

Design contract awarded: Spring 2020
Projected completion: Fall 2025
Budget: $45.7 million (design and construction)
Status: Conceptual design

Why We're Doing This Work

We’re renovating stations on the Green Line to make them fully accessible. Currently, Hynes Station has several accessibility barriers throughout the station, and it does not provide an accessible path from the entrance to the Green Line platforms.


FMCB Board Presentation - December 16, 2019


For all queries and comments related to Hynes Station Improvements, please contact the Green Line Program team at


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