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Ramp Access on Atlantic Ave During Construction

Updated on May 22, 2020

Beginning the week of May 25, construction will impact how riders access the rail and bus terminals at South Station via Atlantic Ave.

Entrances and exits will be maintained, but riders may need to use a new or different ramp to access the station.

Atlantic Avenue Ramp

The week of May 25, a new ramp will open on Atlantic Ave for access to the train platforms and bus terminals. The existing ramp will be closed the week of June 1.

Map showing the L-shaped Atlantic Ave ramp on the corner of the South Station train terminal. See text for details.
Location of the new Atlantic Ave ramp near the train terminal

Outdoor Ramp Near Bus Terminal

The week of June 1, the outdoor ramp near Track 1 will be closed.

Access to rail platforms will be available via the existing ramp in the bus terminal:

  • For access to Atlantic Ave from Track 1, continue down the platform toward the bus terminal, and take a right using the first set of terminal doors. At the end of the ramp, continue straight and then turn left to exit through the double doors.
  • For access to Track 1 from Atlantic Ave, take a right at the entrance near the current switchback ramp and enter the South Station bus terminal. Once inside, take a right to access Track 1.
Map showing the ramp in the South Station bus terminal, providing access between Track 1 and Atlantic Ave. See text for details.
Location of bus terminal ramp near Track 1

More Information

Email the project team,, with any questions. Please call the project hotline with complaints, emergencies, or general inquiries, 617-445-3500.

Visit the South Station Air Rights website

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