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Sewer Work Construction Activities

Updated on March 22, 2018


As part of the Wollaston Station Improvement Project, a temporary surface sewer line will be placed in the roadway during a relining of an existing sewer line that runs along Brook St, across Newport Ave, and under the existing Wollaston Red Line Station.

The sewer work is expected to take 2 weeks and is scheduled for February, as weather allows. There will be no interruption of sewer service to homes or businesses in the area.

The anticipated schedule for March 26 – 31 is:

  • The contractor will place surface pipes along the route shown in dark red on the map.
  • The temporary by-pass pipes will be laid in the street along the curb in some locations, like Newport Ave. The pipes will be placed in a trench and covered.
  • For safety reasons, a pedestrian security fence will be placed on the first block of Brook St. on the north side of the street, shown in orange on the map.
  • The contractor will set up 2 large diesel pumps at the corner of Brook St and Arlington St, using 3 parking spaces.
  • Access to the sewer will be through existing manholes on Newport Ave, Brook St, and in the Wollaston parking lot, east of the station.
  • Traffic lanes will be redirected around the manholes on Newport Ave and Brook St while the liner is being installed.
  • Once the heating of the fiberglass liner begins, the process must continue until the pipe is cured. This takes 24 – 36 hours.

What to Expect

Neighbors can expect construction noise from the generators, and there may be some odors from heated resin or sewerage.

The lining process is scheduled for Wednesday night, March 28 to Friday, March 30, but the date may change. Once the work is complete, the by-pass pipes, pumps, and other construction materials will be removed from the area.

We apologize in advance for the disruption and thank you for your patience. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the project team at



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