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Needham Junction - Watertown Square


Watertown St @ Galen St
Watertown St opp Aldrich Rd
Watertown St @ Fifth St
Watertown St opp Morse St
Watertown St opp Pond St
Watertown St opp Pearl St
Watertown St @ Chapel St
Watertown St @ Adams St
Watertown St @ Craft St
Walnut St @ Watertown St
Walnut St @ Prospect Ave
Walnut St @ Commonwealth Ave
Walnut St @ Brentwood Ave
Walnut St @ Fisher Ave
Walnut St @ Duncklee St
Walnut St @ Lincoln St - Newton Highland Station
Lincoln St @ Bowdoin St
Lincoln St @ Woodward St
Woodward St @ Boylston St
Elliot St @ Charles St
Elliot St @ Columbia Ave
Elliot St @ Cottage St
Chestnut St @ Pennsylvania Ave
Chestnut St @ Elliot St
Central Ave @ Reservoir St
Central Ave @ Saint Mary St
Central Ave @ Gould St
Central Ave @ Parkland Rd
Webster St @ Central Ave
Webster St opp Elder Rd
Webster St @ Hillside Ave
Hillside Ave @ Avery St
Hillside Ave @ Hunnewell St
Highland Ave @ Avery Sq
Highland Ave @ Dana Pl
Highland Ave @ Rosemary St
Highland Ave opp Oakland Ave
Chestnut St @ Great Plain Ave
Needham Junction @ Commuter Rail Station


CharlieCard $1.70

CharlieTicket or Cash $2.00

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 06:20A-08:21P

Outbound 06:05A-07:35P


Inbound 07:05A-07:35P

Outbound 06:20A-06:54P


Inbound 07:50A-06:51P

Outbound 07:05A-06:09P

Upcoming Holidays

  • Columbus Day (October 8, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (Observed) (November 12, 2018)

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