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Bedford VA Hospital - Alewife


Bedford VA Hospital @ Middlesex CC - Bldg 10
Springs Rd opp Bldg 23
Springs Rd opp Bldg 70
Springs Rd @ Pine Hill Rd
Springs Rd @ Nickerson Rd
Springs Rd opp Hillside Ave
Springs Rd @ Hancock St
South Rd opp Crescent Ave
South Rd opp Hartford St
South Rd @ Railroad Ave
Loomis St opp Hartford St
Loomis St @ Winthrop Ave
Great Rd opp Brooksbie Rd
Great Rd @ Shopping Center
Great Rd opp Shawsheen Ave
Great Rd opp Masardis St
Great Rd @ Perham St - Lexington Line
Bedford St opp Winter St
Bedford St @ Hartwell Ave
Bedford St @ National Guard Armory
Bedford St @ Eldred St
Bedford St opp Simonds Rd
Bedford St @ Harding Rd
Bedford St opp Ledgelawn Ave
Bedford St @ Sunny Knoll Ave
Bedford St @ Vaille Ave
Bedford St @ Tewksbury St
Bedford St @ Worthen Rd
Bedford St @ Harrington Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Clarke St
1666 Massachusetts Ave
Massachusetts Ave @ Winthrop Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Slocum Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Bloomfield St
Massachusetts Ave @ Percy Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Pelham Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Marret Rd - Rt 2A
Massachusetts Ave @ Plainfield St
Massachusetts Ave @ Locust Ave
Massachusetts Ave @ Independence Ave
Massachusetts Ave @ Gibson Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Pleasant St
Massachusetts Ave @ Oak St
Massachusetts Ave @ Fottler Ave
Massachusetts Ave @ Charles St
Massachusetts Ave @ Bow St
Massachusetts Ave @ Hibbert St - Arlington Line
Massachusetts Ave opp Drake Rd
Massachusetts Ave @ Paul Revere Rd
Arlington Heights Busway
Massachusetts Ave @ Park Ave
Park Ave @ Wollaston Ave
Park Ave @ Appleton St
Park Ave @ Florence Ave
Park Ave @ Oakland Ave
Park Ave @ Park Circle
Park Ave @ Wachusett Ave
East Service Rd @ Park Ave Shelter
East Service Rd @ Lamoine St
East Service Rd @ Clifton St - Pedestrian Bridge
East Service Rd @ Radcliffe Rd
East Service Rd @ Stairway to Radcliffe Rd
East Service Rd @ Pleasant St
Lake St @ Rt 2 East on Ramp


CharlieCard $1.70

CharlieTicket or Cash $2.00

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Inbound 06:24A-09:04P

Outbound 05:47A-08:33P


Inbound 08:00A-08:47P

Outbound 07:00A-07:50P

Upcoming Holidays

  • Labor Day (September 3, 2018)
  • Columbus Day (October 8, 2018)
  • Veterans’ Day (November 11, 2018)
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