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No Orange Line train service between Sullivan & Tufts due to the late completion of weekend work. Buses are being provided between Sullivan & Haymarket. Green Line available between Haymarket & Copley (to Back Bay).

Southbound to Refresh
State hours and frequencies for today
05:35A - 6:30A
Every 10-15 minutes mins
6:30A - 9:30A
Every 6-10 minutes mins
9:30A - 3:30P
Every 2-9 minutes mins
3:30P - 6:30P
Every 6-7 minutes mins
6:30P - 9:00P
Every 5-26 minutes mins
9:00P - 12:00A
Every 3-15 minutes mins
12:00A - 01:08A
Every 15 minutes mins