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Fall 2021 Service Changes

Green Line tracks at Washington Square station surrounded by foliage

This fall, we’re continuing to add back service across the system to support increased travel across the region.

This fall, we are implementing service changes to:

Service Changes by Mode

subway Subway Service Changes

Effective August 29, 2021

The Red, Orange, and Green Line will see weekday schedule changes throughout the day. 

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bus Bus Service Changes

Effective August 29, 2021

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the ride The RIDE Service Changes

Effective August 29, 2021

As part of the fall service changes, some trips will qualify for the local ADA fare of $3.35 per trip instead of the premium (non-ADA) fare of $5.60 per trip. If your trip qualifies for the local ADA fare, it will be automatically applied when you book your reservation. 

Learn more about The RIDE

Send Us Your Feedback

We’re collecting written feedback from the public on our fall 2021 service changes and service allocation process. Please email our Community Liaisons at with feedback.

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