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V3 API “index” endpoints support streaming over the Server Sent Event / Event Stream protocol. For clients that can maintain an open connection to the server, this is a more efficient and lower-latency way to receive the information.

To stream updates:

  1. Use the "Accept: text/event-stream" header to tell the server you want streaming updates
  2. Specify an API key (either with the "X-API-Key" header or the "api_key" query parameter). Anonymous access is not possible for streaming.
  3. Handle the 4 possible event types.

Currently, only the initial request counts against your API key rate limit. As long as you keep the connection open it will be treated as a single request.


The V3 API sends 4 different types of events in order to keep clients up-to-date. Each resource/identifier has a unique (“id”, “type”) pair that can be used to track changes across multiple events.


The “reset” event contains the full current state of the endpoint represented as a list of JSON-API resource objects. It’s always the first event in the stream, but it can also be sent during the connection if the API server determines that it is more efficient than sending individual resource changes.

event: reset
data: [{"attributes":{"bearing":315.0,"current_status":"IN_TRANSIT_TO","current_stop_sequence":310,"direction_id":0,"label":"3673-3838","latitude":42.33982849121094,"longitude":-71.15853881835938,"speed":null,"updated_at":"2018-06-08T11:22:55-04:00"},"id":"G-10067","links":{"self":"/vehicles/G-10067"},"relationships":{"route":{"data":{"id":"Green-B","type":"route"}},"stop":{"data":{"id":"70107","type":"stop"}},"trip":{"data":{"id":"36418064","type":"trip"}}},"type":"vehicle"},{"attributes":{"bearing":90.0,"current_status":"IN_TRANSIT_TO","current_stop_sequence":null,"direction_id":1,"label":null,"latitude":42.349124908447266,"longitude":-71.09575653076172,"speed":null,"updated_at":"2018-06-08T11:22:30-04:00"},"id":"0446","links":{"self":"/vehicles/0446"},"relationships":{"route":{"data":{"id":"57","type":"route"}},"stop":{"data":null},"trip":{"data":{"id":"36616656","type":"trip"}}},"type":"vehicle"}]


The “add” event is sent when new resources are added, and it contains a single JSON-API resource object.

event: add
data: {"attributes":{"bearing":160.0,"current_status":"INCOMING_AT","current_stop_sequence":30,"direction_id":0,"label":"3633-3868","latitude":42.36283874511719,"longitude":-71.05811309814453,"speed":null,"updated_at":"2018-06-08T11:22:55-04:00"},"id":"G-10300","links":{"self":"/vehicles/G-10300"},"relationships":{"route":{"data":{"id":"Green-E","type":"route"}},"stop":{"data":{"id":"70204","type":"stop"}},"trip":{"data":{"id":"36420357","type":"trip"}}},"type":"vehicle"}


The “update” event is sent when existing resources are updated, and it contains a single JSON-API resource object.

event: update
data: {"attributes":{"bearing":76.0,"current_status":"IN_TRANSIT_TO","current_stop_sequence":8,"direction_id":0,"label":"1633","latitude":42.56092834472656,"longitude":-70.81510162353516,"speed":19.0,"updated_at":"2018-06-08T11:21:52-04:00"},"id":"1633","links":{"self":"/vehicles/1633"},"relationships":{"route":{"data":{"id":"CR-Newburyport","type":"route"}},"stop":{"data":{"id":"Beverly Farms","type":"stop"}},"trip":{"data":{"id":"CR-Weekday-Spring-18-107","type":"trip"}}},"type":"vehicle"}


The “remove” event is sent when a resource is removed, and it contains a single JSON-API resource identifier object.

event: remove
data: {"id":"1723","type":"vehicle"}


If you’re using the “include” parameter to fetch related resources, only the primary resource will be tracked for updates. For this reason, you likely want to use vehicles, predictions, or alerts as the primary resource type. The included resources will be combined with the primary resources as a part of the “reset” event.

If you do want to receive updates for a single item, you can use the "filter[id]" query parameter to limit your search to that single resource.


Worcester line departures from South Station (replace API_KEY with your API key):

curl -sN -H "accept: text/event-stream" -H "x-api-key: API_KEY"