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Joint Meeting of the MassDOT Board and the Fiscal and Management Control Board

Meeting Info

Date: February 11, 2019 at 12:00pm

Location: State Transportation Building • 10 Park Plaza, 2nd Floor, Transportation Board Room • Boston, MA

Attendees: General Public

Event Description

The MassDOT Board of Directors serves as the governing authority for MassDOT.

The Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) closely monitors the T’s finances, management, and operations.

Live Stream


A. Open of MassDOT Board Meeting

B. Executive Session

1. Discussion of Strategy related to real estate and meet with auditors.

Return to Open Meeting (not before 12:30 PM)

Public Comment on MassDOT and Joint Board Agenda Items 2 – 17 only

C. Procedural Items

2. Approval of Minutes

  • December 17, 2018 Meeting Minutes

D. Standing Reports

View MassDOT documents

3. Report from the Secretary/CEO

4. Report from the Highway Administrator

5. Report from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (written)

6. Report from the Rail and Transit Administrator (written)

7. Report from the Aeronautics Administrator

  • Drone Summit and Mission Support

E. MassDOT Presentations and Actions

View MassDOT documents

8. FY18 Audited Financial Statements

9. Metropolitan Highway System (MHS) Triennial Report

10. Air Rights and Prudential Tunnel

11. 1000 Boylston Street Lease

  • Discussion and possible action

F. MassDOT and Joint Board Presentations

12. Report from the Fiscal and Management Control Board

13. Green Line Extension (GLX) Quarterly Update (written)

14. South Coast Rail Quarterly Update and Contract on Culverts

  • Discussion and possible action

15. Allston I-90 Update

16. Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Update

  • Sources and Program Sizes

17. Monthly Commuter Rail Performance Update (written)

MassDOT Board Meeting Adjourns

G. Fiscal and Management Control Board Presentations

Public Comment on FMCB Agenda Items 18 – 22 only

18. Report from the General Manager

19. FMCB Public Schedule

20. Automated Fare Collection (AFC 2.0) Update

  • Point of Sale Network
  • Board Schedule

21. Better Bus: Investment Tiers

22. Bus System Infrastructure Improvements Professional Services Contracts

  • Discussion and possible action

H. Fiscal and Management Control Board Executive Session

23. Discussion of strategy related to real estate, litigation and collective bargaining.


All meetings are accessible to participants with disabilities. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact Owen Kane at or at 857-368-8767.