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Public Meeting | Bus Accessibility Demo of the Quantum Mobility Device Securement System

Meeting Info

Date: October 14, 2021 at 11 AM - 3 PM

Location: Upper level, Ruggles station • 1150 Tremont Street • Roxbury, MA

Attendees: General Public

Event Description

The MBTA would like bus riders' feedback on our Quantum mobility device securement system. We have started using the system in a pilot program on the Route 111 bus, but we’d like to get in-person feedback from riders. At this event, we will demonstrate Quantum—which secures riders' wheelchairs or mobility scooters to ensure their safety—at an outdoor session. 

Attend a Quantum Demo

If you would like to participate in the October 14 demo, please email our Department of System-Wide Accessibility (SWA) at, or call (617) 222-5254 by October 13, 2021.

If you cannot participate in the October 14 demo, please contact us at by October 5 if you are interested in our October 6 demo. 

Learn about the October 6 demo 

About the Quantum System

The fully automated Quantum system is an alternative to the MBTA's standard four-point manual securement system for keeping riders’ wheeled mobility devices in place. Quantum uses a robotic arm that deploys around a wheelchair's or mobility scooter's wheels and automatically adjusts its grip throughout the trip to ensure safety. The system also allows riders to independently secure and release their devices with the push of a button.

Learn more about the automated securement system